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Articles Online About our Products

Articles Online About our Products

April 26, 2016

Check out some of these links and articles from around the web where our products are featured, or where we are showcasing photos: Stuck in Bed Fitness on PinterestPinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. Houston I had Some Problems (Huffington Post) Writeup NWBA Announcement (Press Release) Sponsoring NWBA Announcement (Inside the Games)

NWBA Announces Ultimate Workout & Recovery as an Official Sponsor and the Official Wheelchair Gym

NWBA Announces Ultimate Workout & Recovery as an O…

April 25, 2016

Reprint from NWBA04/25/2016, 5:15pm CDTBy NWBAThe National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) today announced Ultimate Workout and Recovery as an official sponsor of the NWBA. Ultimate Workout and Recovery/Stuck in Bed Fitness LLC, is a state-of-the-art rehab and workout gym designed specifically for those with physical disabilities. As such, Ultimate Workout and Recovery is also the official wheelchair gym of the NWBA. The NWBA will serve …

Moving Your Body Helps You With your Emotional and Mental Fire

Moving Your Body Helps You With your Emotional and…

April 16, 2016

Hello again, workout fans!!!!!  How was your week?  Hope it was as productive and wicked fun as mine!  And in the name of gettin’ it done and gettin’ results, let’s get started onlogo the topic for this weeks blog!  Veterans, seniors, people who are disabled, in a wheelchair or in any way incapacitated and how they can greatly benefit from using the Ultimate Workout and Recovery System.You know, guys I actual…

Please Welcome Jessicah!

Please Welcome Jessicah!

April 06, 2016

Jessicah is an energy healer and life coach. She also has a background in marketing and business communications. In her words:  “I genuinely seek to guide others toward the absolute best route for optimal healing.  I use every available resource at my fingertips to bring you options for your mental and physical wellness.  Everyone deserves to be operating at their best–and my heartfelt goal is to get YOU there.”&n…

America’s Favorite Doctor Loves Our Product!

America’s Favorite Doctor Loves Our Product…

March 16, 2016

Dr. Michael Roizen, Head Wellness physician at the Cleveland Clinic, has plenty to say about our unique, amazing, 100 use exercise system for anyone to use from a chair or bed.  He speaks about injured athletes, people just starting rehab, and wheelchair users.  Enjoy the videos!   Please be sure to check back for more information or contact us directly. T…

New Los Angeles Base For Our Business!

New Los Angeles Base For Our Business!

March 06, 2016

We are proud to announce that we are now partnered with Product Hollywood with Steve Stein, out of sunny Los Angeles, California. We will be having our product on display at celebrity gift suites at any celebrity event that takes place in the Los Angeles area. Our product will be put in the hands of A-list celebrities who will be taking photos with our product and boosting it to their hundreds of thousands of fans (even millions!) via twitter, pi…

SIBF & IBMR Sales Reps Opportunity

SIBF & IBMR Sales Reps Opportunity

January 26, 2016

We seek enthusiastic, fearless, passionate, strong-minded people to sell our product wholesale to clinics, facilities, high school, college and professional sports teams and any related centers for rehab and therapy. Please enquire for an incredible opportunity working for a great cause product company.

Wholesale Opportunities

Wholesale Opportunities

January 16, 2016

Buy our product in bulk for anyone disabled and all physical disability needs for up to 40% off retail. Great way to stand out from your competition. Be the first to add on our amazing product which offers hope and independence to your customers with our 100-use, unique fitness, therapy and complete rehab and wellness solution system. Perfect product for bariatric patients, MS sufferers, cancer warriors, wounded vets, and much more.

Proud To Be Designed And Made In The United States Of America

Proud To Be Designed And Made In The United States…

January 06, 2016

Our patent is pending for our product. Both of our products are trademark protected. Why not make this overseas, you ask? We don’t sacrifice integrity of steel and aluminum to pass off an unsafe product to our customers. We hold our customers’ safety and satisfaction as our ultimate priority. We are also proud to announce right here in the USA at Case Western Reserve University, our product is being tested for load capacity and overal…

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