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Ultimate Workout And Recovery Travel Trainer Set of 10

Ultimate Workout And Recovery Travel Trainer Set of 10

Item No. UWR-TRVL241

UWAR Travel Trainer: SET OF 10!
Buy 10 Travel Trainers Now!

Use ANYWHERE, ANY TIME and FIGHT FAT easily! Let's Go!
Travel Unit Patent Pending. Celebrity Endorsed.
Bulk discounts available. Percentage to charity.
Made in the USA out of high quality aluminum or fiberglass.
Perfect for Families & Teams (Email us for team discounts)
Perfect for Strength Training, Fitness, and Cardio on the Go!
Moms, Coaches, Athletes - Any Age, Anywhere!
Up to 30 Workouts for upper and lower body
Folds up easily. Light & Portable - Closes like a briefcase.

Want to try our UWAR Travel Gym like Kel Mitchell did? :)

"Strength Training For The Entire Family Has Never Been So Fun And Easy!"
Kel Mitchell

Comes with:

  • 80 Cords & 80 Handles
  • Multiple Therabands
  • USA Made Apparatus
  • 10 FREE Water Bottles

Please allow 6 weeks for shipping. No refunds available once orders are placed.
Team discounts of ten or more are available - email for info:

UWAR Travel Trainer

$ 2,999.90

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