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UWAR Selling Points to Moms

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Here are a some selling points to mom for the holidays to get the UWAR System:

  1. Convenient
  2. Costs less than a nice coat
  3. Sleek
  4. Gets the entire family strong together
  5. Great for rehab too
  6. Great for gymnasts, basketball players, runners, soccer players and much more
  7. No germy gyms
  8. Save time and money - no need for seeking parking spaces, traffic issues, or weather problems
  9. Great for people to help keep healthy against Covid, cancer, stroke, dementia, injury, and surgery
  10. Inclusive adaptive family home gym also great for pregnant moms, special needs, and people in wheelchairs, and great for nurses, caregivers, and therapists to use for their patients.
  11. Perfect for those long winter months to get strong and stay strong together as a family
  12. One stop shop fitness and rehab for all ages and abilities!
  13. Be part of a new great trend
  14. Endorsed by top professionals worldwide.

Dozens of fun uses! Cardio, strength training, pilates style workouts - 5 minutes or less daily!
Curriculum included for kids, valued at $350 - FREE to You!

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$1,549.99 this month only!
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