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The Ultimate Workout and Recovery Gym to Benefit Wounded Warriors - Just in Time for Veteran's Day

The In Bed and Chair Recovery Foundation 501(c)3 which provides the Ultimate Workout and Recovery System, in addition to wellness consultations to anyone who would not have the means or access to such equipment and services without the assistance of the foundation has created a Go Fund Me and an application form on their website just in time for Veterans Day in the hopes of helping disabled veterans and others obtain The Ultimate Workout and Recovery system and wellness services. Any size donation will help to purchase these systems and services for people who are disabled.

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Fitness News Desk Nov. 9, 2017

The Ultimate Workout and Recovery Gym ( $1999.99 OR $1249.99 Latex Free Version) benefits wounded warriors as well as busy moms, homebound, injured athletes, paraplegics and spinal cord injury patients, bariatric patients, cancer and immune-compromised patients, stay-at-home mothers, caregivers, occupational and physical therapists, senior centers, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab clinics, fitness enthusiasts, schools, personal trainers, chiropractors, and anywhere this unit would aid those who are in bed or in a wheelchair achieve maximum fitness and recovery. UWAR can stand alone while bolted into the ground or can be mounted to a bed or chair utilizing thresholds and bed attachments, while accommodating people of all ages and athletic abilities. Developed by a fitness/wellness expert, a mechanical engineer and a doctor who sought to fill a need for the disabled and those whom have time constraints and need something fast, fun and effective for working out and therapy, the Ultimate Workout and Recovery (UWAR) gym is made of steel and weighs 60 pounds and is easily assembled. UWAR is PROUDLY made in The USA and is patented.

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