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Financing available, contact us! Now Features Ultimate Workout and Recovery products, an Official Licensee of the NWBA

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) announced Ultimate Workout And Recovery as an official product available on . Ultimate Workout And Recovery is a state-of-the-art rehab and workout gym designed specifically for those who want the most fast, fun and exciting way to work out from their wheelchair, recliner or bed. As such, Ultimate Workout and Recovery is also the official wheelchair gym of the NWBA.

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12/08/2017, 11:00am CST - By Cole Jackson

The NWBA will serve as an official distributor of the Ultimate Workout And Recovery line of products including the full-size Spider unit that can come equipped. The NWBA will market the Spider Deluxe product to members through,, e-mail messages, and the NWBA E-Newsletter. The Ultimate Workout And Recovery Spider Deluxe unit will be available in the original color and a pink option as well among other options. In addition to each purchase of the Ultimate Workout And Recovery unit, $100 of each purchase will go towards sponsorship for applicants who are not able to purchase the product on their own. Bulk discounts are available as well to Organizations and Teams.

The Spider Deluxe Edition offers ways to maintain strength both physically and mentally, as well as improve an overall sense of well-being. The bottom line concept with Ultimate Workout And Recovery is to help any child or adult work out and get strong for sports or in general in the most convenient way possible while in a chair or in a bed. The mission of Ultimate Workout And Recovery is to provide a total body workout via exercises and rehab in dozens of unique and exciting ways, especially for those unable or just not wanting to go out of the house. The Ultimate Workout And Recovery gym is a 100-use system that is the perfect option to exercise regularly right from their recliner, wheelchair or bed, even your Lazy boy. And yes, the entire family can benefit from this product as well!

In 2015 Dr. Michael Roizen, world renowned Wellness Chief at the Cleveland Clinic, and former New England Patriot linebacker Pierre Woods as well as Fitness Legend Kathy Smith and MANY more have all enthusiastically endorsed the Spider Deluxe unit. The Ultimate Workout And Recovery team is also proud to announce its new Foundation set up for other Foundations/Rehab Clinic Centers to bulk purchase the units at a special discounted rate. For more information on the huge sensation surrounding Ultimate Workout and Recovery products visit:

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Workout And Recovery section on the NWBA website.

About National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA):
The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is comprised of over 200 wheelchair basketball teams across twenty-two conferences. The NWBA was founded in 1948, and today consists of eight divisions including: Division I, Division II, Division III, Women’s Division, Intercollegiate Men’s Division and Intercollegiate Women’s Division, as well as Junior 10’ (Varsity) and Junior Prep Divisions.The National Wheelchair Basketball Association hosts the NWBA National Tournament each year. The top teams from each division come together to compete for their national title. The past few years the tournament has been hosted in Louisville, KY.

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