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EnrichEd High Quality Education Resources for Kids

Ultimate Workout And Recovery is working with EnrichED to help bring health and physical education to schools and kids. We are proud of the work they are doing to educate kids. The mission of Ultimate Workout And Recovery is to provide physical fitness and wellness to everyone and focusing on helping people with disabilities. We are the ULTIMATE anti-atrophy anti-depression and anti-obesity fitness and recovery tool of convenience for the ENTIRE family! Busy moms, restless kids and adults whether disabled or able bodied, this is THE chance to get fit fast and in the most convenient way possible, nothing better than learning wellness early on in a safe way-get to know us!

Schools for any age kids need this product for their PE classes!


Cardio, strength training and much more!
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About EnrichEd

EnrichEd is a small family run business located in Alexandria, Virginia. Operations are run by a veteran, Adapted P.E. Teacher, Coach, and father of 2. EnrichEd run after school sports programs in Title 1 elementary schools, create content for a P.E. Youtube Channel, and curate content for website They are dedicated to providing high quality educational resources to kids in Northern Virginia and around the world.

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