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Ed Mallard

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Ultimate Workout and Recovery Ed Mallard

Ed Mallard is an expert in the medical community, specializing in marketing of durable medical equipment (DME) and how it relates to the current needs on both the patient side as well as the health care provider side (MD, ARNP, ect…). He has many years of experience on both "sides of the fence" and how technology plays an integral part.As the medical landscape changes, we have to be prepared to change with it, in all aspects. The medical climate is constantly moving and awareness of what is needed, while keeping a finger on the pulse of the market is paramount. Awareness of the government payers (MCARE/VA) is a component of Ed's strengths. He is familiar with the payers (private/public) and can offer solution base results in many situations relating to the various types of coverage. Ed is that person that can answer questions and provide solutions.

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